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  • What is Easyrabbit?
    Easyrabbit is a cryptocurrency exchange platform where everyone can exchange their coins between a variety of crypto coins and tokens. Exchanges between cryptocurrencies are difficult, time-consuming and complicated. Our vision is that everyone will be able to exchange on a simple, rapid and anonymous way with absolute safety. No account needed in order to protect your anonymity.
  • How does it Work without a Registration ?
    No user registration is required because the Easyrabbit exchange model protects its user’s anonymity. This means that we do not maintain or store user data. For example, if you want to exchange BTC with ETH, we provide the BTC address in order to send BTC and we send the convertible ETH to the address you provide. It is so simple.

Service Usage

  • How to Exchange Coins on Easyrabbit?
    1. Go to the homepage of
    2. Click on Exchange Button.
    3. Select from the coin list the coin you will Send.
    4. Select from the coin list the coin you want to Receive.
    5. Enter the deposit amount.
    6. Enter the address where you would like your funds to be sent to and your refund address for the coin you deposited. If you would like you can enter your email address too.
    7. Double check everything carefully.
    8. If everything looks OK, proceed to the next step by clicking ‘Start Transaction’.
    9. Send the Exact Amount that you agreed to Deposit to the Displayed Address within 60 minutes.
    10. Note that if you Don't Send the Exact Amount your Order will Fail.
  • When should I Receive my Funds?
    Easyrabbit transactions take 5-30 minutes to be processed. If blockchain capacity is congested the transactions may take longer.
  • What are the Fees?
    Every currency has a different network fee, depending on the coin network abilities and according to the blockchain congestion. The "You Get" amount that is displayed is the amount that we will send in your wallet and includes all the fees (network + commission fees). Commission fees are from 0.2% - 0.4% depending on the selected coins. You can view our fees in Coin Status | Fees page.


  • Transaction Issue
    If you are facing any problem with a transaction you can submit a ticket via the Contact Us form. Our team will review your request and get back to you.
  • Why my Transaction Failed?
    The Transaction Failed message is displayed when you Fail to Deposit the Exact agreed amount to our address. If you sent the amount but your Order Failed open a Ticket via the Contact Us form, our team will review your request and get back to you.
  • Security Limitations
    For security reasons we only accept one Order with the same amount for each Deposit currency until the Order is complete. What you can do is to enter a slightly Lower or Higher amount. For example: Getting an error while trying to place an order with 0.45 BTC. Enter 0.449 or 0.451 BTC. Otherwise you can Wait until the processing Order is complete.
  • How much is Support waiting time?
    We provide 24/7 support. In case of increased response time please be aware you are not ignored and someone from our support team will attend to your needs as soon as possible. Your emails will be replied to individually by one of our staff.
  • I opened a Ticket but did not receive any reply
    If for some reason you opened a ticket but you can not find any reply please check your spam folder.
  • How do I cancel my Transaction?
    Unfortunately, blockchain transactions are irreversible. Once a transaction is made (money is sent to a particular wallet address), it cannot be rolled back. So, if you are going to exchange cryptocurrency, be sure to double check all payment details carefully before proceeding.
  • Send funds to an incorrect address. Can I recover them?
    Unfortunately no. Once funds are sent to a wrong address, there is nothing we can do to recover them. This is why it is extremely important to double check the destination address you enter on the order page.
  • Why is my final amount different?
    All transactions take time to be processed (usually 5-30 minutes). Given the volatility of cryptocurrencies, the exchange rate is subject to change during the processing time, which means the final rate may be slightly different from what you expected. This happens because Easyrabbit doesn’t fix currency rates.
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