Easyrabbit is a cryptocurrency exchange service formed around user privacy and simplicity.


Exchanges between cryptocurrencies are complicated and not fully private.

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Everyone is able to exchange on a simple, rapid and anonymous way with absolute safety at the best rates.

how it works with cryptocurrency exchange
Easyrabbit offers a safe and fast way to exchange among 45 Cryptocurrencies and more than 1900 possible pairs at the best rates. Our service provide secure and anonymous transactions with no account registration indicates that there is no custodial risk for your funds and information. Transactions are processed over SSL/TLS certificate. When you place an order, our custom designed algorithm checks for the best available price on the markets and rates are shown to you. If you agree to proceed with the deal press the ‘Continue’ button enter your addresses and Double check everything carefully. If everything looks OK, proceed to the next step by clicking ‘Start Transaction’. Send the funds to the provided address and you will shortly receive your exchanged funds to the address you have indicated. Please note that all cryptocurrency transactions require network confirmation before the funds will be credited to the sender’s account. While awaiting confirmation, the price might change due to the volatile nature of the cryptocurrency market. For that reason, Easyrabbit offers fluctuation security option.


The user chooses the Coin/Token he want to Deposit and the Coin/Token he want to Receive subsequently the Amount of Deposit.
Our custom Algorithm ascertains the Market prices to find the Cheapest Rate which is displayed on the screen.
The user accept the Deal and sends the Amount to the provided Address.
After Receiving customer’s Payment, our Algorithm purchases the Currency at the current Market price and Sent it to the users Wallet.


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